Courses and Workshops

If you are interested in learning more about the Tarot get in touch. I can provide classes and workshops to all levels including beginners, refreshing courses and advanced.

The Doors to the Tarot

One Day - 6 hours

This unique workshop is for everyone interested in symbolism, synchronicity and existential development and self analysis, regardless of any previous experience with the Tarot. This revealing and insightful workshop will have us embarking on a journey using archetypal imagery, tales and quotations that will take you straight to the universal essence of the Tarot.

As we navigate through world events, from the Titanic's disaster to football, from the Hebrew alphabet and the Book of Revelations to the London Eye you discover the extraordinary meanings of the 22 Major Arcana. After this workshop you will be ready to identify the Tarot's messages anywhere and develop your own relationship with the cards even if you don't intend to become a reader. Prepare to see the world with new eyes. Get ready to be amazed!

Cost: £50 per person for a group of 4 or more or £150 for 1 person

The Complete Tarot  by Michelle Araujo

50 hours course

This is a complete course to those who want to learn the traditional way. All materials are provided by Michelle.

Course Structure

16 hours – Minor Arcana

2 hours - Reading practice

22 hours - Major Arcana

2 hours - Reading practice

4 hours - Integrating Major and Minor Arcana in a reading context

2 hours – Revision

2 hours – Final Reading Practice

Cost: £ 15 per hour or £700 for the course, saving you £50. I know it looks expensive and it is, but this is a fully comprehensive course and you will have the benefit of learning on a one-to-one basis where all my attention will be devoted to your individual needs.


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